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EDchannels Speaker Mohannad Arbaji

Mohannad Arbaji


Mohannad is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Chalk Talk. Chalk Talk makes a personalized learning software that helps K-12 students achieve higher standardized test scores, while simultaneously achieving higher GPAs in less time. In addition to working in education, Mohannad worked in investment banking, consulting, and software engineering - both in the Middle East and in the US. Prior to working at LearnLaunch, Mohannad was a visiting Entrepreneur in Residence at Oasis 500 and a Mentor for Startup Weekend.

EDchannels Speaker Ellen Bialo

Ellen Bialo

Interactive Educational Systems Design

Ellen is CEO, President and Founder of Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD), an educational market and product development research company recognized in K-20 publishing as a leader in research and analysis. She has served the education publishing community as chair of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Education Section Board of Directors, an advisor to the National Science Foundation, a Board Member and industry awards judge for EdNET and the Association of Educational Publishers, and a member of the SchoolTech Exposition & Conference advisory board. In 2009, she was awarded the first Education Technology Impact Award ever given by the SIIA.

EDchannels Speaker Charlene Blohm

Charlene Blohm


Charlene Blohm is the President & CEO of C. Blohm & Associates, Inc. (CB&A), an integrated marketing, public relations, social media and content agency focused on the education, special needs and workforce development industries. Charlene knows how to take businesses to the next level. Since founding CB&A in 1991, Charlene has partnered with organizations of every stripe to deliver bottom-line value. From early stage Davids to multinational Goliaths, she has a knack for seeing what others often miss. Charlene has earned several accolades individually and on behalf of the agency, and she's a frequent guest speaker on all-things marketing and strategy.

EDchannels Speaker Leo Brehm

Leo Brehm


Leo serves as Learning Evolution Officer (CIO/CTO) at Central Massachusetts Collaborative and Director of Technology and Digital Learning at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School (GCVS). Concurrently, he serves as Director of Solutions Engineering at CatchOn Inc., where he is actively involved in the design and development of the CatchOn API, which will empower school districts to use data in aggregate with student performance leveraging dashboarding or Business Intelligence tools. Previously, Leo worked for the Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough, Mass. as Director of Technology and Digital Learning; Newton, Mass. Public Schools as Director of IT and Library Media, Sharon, Mass. Public Schools as Director of Technology, and as Consultant at Creativemindz Consulting Group LLC.

EDchannels SpeakerJackson Boyar

Jackson Boyar

Mentor Collective

Jackson is CEO and Co-founder of Mentor Collective. Mentor Collective partners with 50+ schools like Indiana University, Wash U. in St. Louis, and Cal State to cultivate and train networks of university-affiliated mentors who are empowered to provide personalized support to all students. Mentor Collective has documented 2-9% improvements in year-on-year student retention. Prior to founding Mentor Collective, Jackson advised Fortune 500 clients on corporate strategy at L.E.K. Consulting.

EDchannels Speaker Patrick Brothers

Patrick Brothers


Patrick is a Managing Director and Co-Founder of HolonIQ, a global market intelligence platform for education. Prior to founding HolonIQ, Patrick was the Chief Development Officer at Navitas, and the Co-founder of both Navitas Ventures, the company's education venturing arm, and EduGrowth, Australia's Education Technology and Innovation Hub. Patrick is a longstanding member of the B20 Education and Employment Task Force and is passionate about transforming the way the world learns.

EDchannels Speaker Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor

Carnegie Learning

Eric Cantor is executive chairman of Carnegie Learning Inc. (CLI), a learning technology company focused on STEM and literacy solutions for K-16. Eric's focus is to drive value creation through select investments in organic and inorganic growth initiatives. CLI is a portfolio company of CIP Capital, a NYC-based mid-cap private equity firm. Eric has held a number of executive positions in education, professional development, and information & media services at companies such as the College Board, Kaplan Inc., and McGraw-Hill. Over the course of his career, Eric has served as an advisor and mentor of numerous start-ups, small and mid cap organizations, in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. He is a currently a venture partner at LearnLaunch and an advisory board member of Roadtrip Nation.

EDchannels Speaker Derek Dallmann

Derek Dallmann

Agile Education Marketing

As Vice President of Sales at Agile, Derek leads the sales team in helping organizations build brand awareness within the education community and engage with educators through multi-channel marketing that generates leads and drive conversions. His professional career spans 20 years providing strategic consultation to companies wanting to connect with early childhood, K-12 and higher education institutions and personnel. Prior to Agile, he has held sales and leadership positions with Quality Education Data (QED), Scholastic, and Market Data Retrieval (MDR).

EDchannels Speaker Patrick Devanney

Patrick Devanney


Patrick is VP Interoperability Services overseeing ClassLink's portfolio of integration partners, managing technical integrations for single sign-on and rostering to ensure that educators and students across the world can access the resources they need to be successful. Building on his early success in telecom, Patrick is a veteran of education technology and has been a long-standing advocate for interoperability and collaboration among providers, leading to his participation at InBloom, which revealed both the promise and the peril of making interoperability work. Having held executive roles at leading providers such as Compass Learning, Education Elements, and Edgenuity, Patrick has a uniquely panoramic view of both the strategic and practical imperatives for adopting open data standards and fostering true industry collaboration.

EDchannels Speaker Dr. David Dockterman

Dr. David Dockterman

Harvard Graduation School of Education

Dr. David Dockterman is a Lecturer on Education, Technology, Innovation, and Education Program at the Harvard Graduation School of Education (HGSE). In 1982 he helped found Tom Snyder Productions, an early pioneer in educational technology, while getting his doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Over the last 35 plus years, he has continued to balance lives in the academic and publishing worlds, supporting the development and implementation of research-driven innovative practices to tackle challenging educational problems, while also lecturing at HGSE. At Tom Snyder, and later at Scholastic and HMH, he designed dozens of award-winning computer programs. Dockterman recently served as a key advisor for the development of MATH 180 and READ 180 Universal, and he consults with publishers, entrepreneurs, and learning organizations on the translation of evidence into effective, scalable, and engaging practice.

EDchannels Speaker Nick Ducoff

Nick Ducoff


Nick is the Founder/CEO at Edmit, a firm that helps families confidently invest in college. He was previously Northeastern University's Vice President for New Ventures. At Northeastern, Nick founded the Experiential Network which has served over two thousand students with real world projects from 800 employers. He also launched the first university bootcamp, Level, which was recognized as an innovation by the U.S. Department of Education. Nick previously co-founded Infochimps, which was acquired by CSC (NYSE: DXC), and was a Vice President at Boundless, which was acquired by Follett.

EDchannels Speaker Rita Ferrandino

Rita Ferrandino

Arc Capitol Development

Rita has built a reputation as one of the most effective strategists and coalition-builders in the education community. She is a nationally-recognized STEM education expert and authority on education policy and politics with more than 30 years of experience building companies and delivering strong revenue in education markets. She has served as the CEO of three Arc portfolio companies and has led company sales, acquisition, alliance and marketing efforts for traditional print, technology, and online products for some of the industry's largest publishers. Rita is the founding partner at Arc Capital Development, a global private investment and advisory firm that invests in and operates companies in the K-20 education market and has served 105+ domestic and international clients.

EDchannels Speaker Rick Fredkin

Rick Fredkin


Rick started professionally in the technology field at the age of twelve as a full-time programmer. Over twenty years of experience in industry Rick's involvement ranges from Fortune 500 companies to tech-focused startups. He is currently the CEO and founder of Eduporium, a technology firm that delivers the latest technology nationally to the K-12 school community.

EDchannels Speaker Lisa Schmucki

Tom Gluck

Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units

Tom is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU). In April of 2010, after having served for five years as the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Executive Deputy Secretary, Governor Ed Rendell selected Tom Gluck to serve as Pennsylvania's Secretary of Education. Throughout his tenure at PDE, Tom helped design Governor Rendell's ambitious education agenda and led the effort to translate that agenda into real action where it counts the most - in our schools. Prior to joining the department in 2005, Tom was director of communications for the Chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and worked as a staff member in the Pennsylvania State Senate.

EDchannels Speaker Charlie Hipwood

Charlie Hipwood


Charlie joined MassVentures in 2017 and is a vice president focused on early-stage and seed investment in Massachusetts high-technology companies. Charlie is a founder and executive with 20+ years of experience in financial services and technology start-ups (founded Fluent Fintech, STAG Capital Partners and AI Exchange) and established corporations (JP Morgan and Level 3 Communications). As an entrepreneur, Charlie has deep experience in establishing and managing operations, executing investments, developing products and markets, managing the sales pipeline, raising capital, leading teams, growing revenue, and executing strategy to achieve desired outcomes.

EDchannels Speaker >Nikki James

Nikki James


Nikki is the VP Learning & Experience at Practera, an experiential learning platform designed to support the personalization and scalability of quality experiential learning. She was previously an Adjust Professor of Leadership and Innovation at various Australian universities including The University of Sydney and Torrens University. As the VP Learning & Experience at Practera she is responsible for the design and deployment of technology features, learning frameworks and curriculum that supports effective learning transfer in real-world environments. Nikki’s doctoral research focuses on the application of machine learning and learning analytics for 21st Century Skill Development.

EDchannels Speaker Zach Jenson

Zach Jenson

OETC Consortium

Zach is the Contracts Manager for the OETC Consortium that represents educational institutions in negotiation discounts for new and emerging technology trends for both enterprise and instructional technology. Zach works to understand the needs and problems of OETC members and help identify technology to meet those needs. He crafts, executes, and negotiates RFPs to ensure OETC has competitive pricing for the technologies they bring to their membership.

EDchannels Speaker Martin Keck

Martin Keck

Needham & Company

Martin Keck leads Education Technology Investment Banking at Needham & Company. Mr. Keck is also an investor in a number of leading Edtech venture funds including Reach Capital, ReThink Education and Owl Ventures, as well as an individual/angel investor in a number of promising venture backed Edtech companies. Mr. Keck joined Needham from Expedia, Inc., the leading e-commerce travel site, where he was a Director of Corporate Development. Prior to Expedia, Mr. Keck worked for Bain & Company focusing on private equity, growth strategy and technology engagements, as well as at Permal Capital, a private equity secondaries firm, and Silver Lake Partners.

EDchannels Speaker Martin Keck

David Kozhuk


David is the Founder & Director of uConnect, a platform that helps colleges and universities organize and curate the valuable resources, data and information that live in the career center to guide all students along career driven pathways. uConnect is a graduate of the LearnLaunchX accelerator and has received numerous awards for technology and innovation. Today, uConnect is a fast emerging player in the education technology ecosystem, working with top institutions across the country to make career education a part of the campus culture.

EDchannels Speaker Bodie Marx

Bodie Marx

School Specialty

Bodie Marx has spent almost 40 years in educational publishing ranging from senior level positions with large core publishers to turn around actions with supplemental publishers to start ups focused more on the consumer space. After 5 years of teaching, Bodie led Milliken Publishing before moving to ScottForesman where he was the company's first VP of Marketing and Special Partnership Projects. He returned to the digital world and launched Orchard Teacher's Choice Software for Siboney Learning Group through active partnerships with small content developers. Bodie then spent 8 years at McGraw-Hill Education where he led Learning Group sales, and two of the McGraw-Hill School Education Group's major publishing centers. Today, Bodie is Senior Vice President of School Specialty Curriculum where he is engineering strong company growth in its FOSS, EPS Literacy and Triumph Learning business units.

EDchannels Speaker Jessica McLear

Jessica McLear

Launchpad Venture Group

Jess is an angel investor and member of Launchpad Venture Group. Her family has been investing in and mentoring start up companies for over 20 years in both Canada and the US. Her portfolio companies fall into many sectors including manufacturing, IT, medical devices and consumer goods. She is an observer or serves on the board for various non-profits as well as portfolio companies. She has served as an investor and mentor for several companies throughout the New England area.

EDchannels Speaker Jim McVety

Jim McVety


As VP Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Jim manages the partnership and marketing functions at ClassLink, working to engender goodwill and collaboration among providers that see a growing need for better, faster, and more secure ways to enable access for their school customers. With a community of more than 70 strategic partners and a network of hundreds of fully integrated providers, the role of ClassLink as a hub for interoperability continues to grow. In parallel with the growth of its partner network, Jim is part of the marketing team responsible for building brand awareness and engaging its community of prospective and existing users through a variety of channels. Jim is widely recognized as an education industry expert, having served as an analyst, business development leader, and marketing specialist both as an executive and advisor for close to 100 companies in education.

EDchannels Speaker Denis Newman

Denis Newman

Empirical Education Inc.

Denis is the CEO and founder of Empirical Education Inc., which has pursued a mission of helping educators make evidence-based decisions. Over the last ten years, Empirical has worked with school systems to conduct over 25 randomized experiments and numerous other evaluations of instructional and professional development programs. Newman has 35 years of experience studying student-teacher learning processes and developing instructional technologies.

EDchannels Speaker Arline Pique

Arline Pique

Hamilton County ESC

Arline is the Director of Technology for the Hamilton County ESC in Southwest Ohio. She leads the Technology Assistance Group which provides technology-related services to schools including personalized coaching and professional development support to guide and inform innovation with technology in schools and districts, as well as helping teachers effectively integrate technology into the classroom. Additionally, her group supports the traditional back-office side of technology within schools managing networks, providing break-fix service, and providing technology coordination services for districts. Arline previously served as Director of Technology for Indian Hill Schools, in Cincinnati, OH, for over 20 years and before that was a Senior Systems Engineer for IBM.

EDchannels Speaker Liam Pisano

Liam Pisano

EduLab Capital Partners

Liam Pisano is a Managing Partner at EduLab Capital Partners, an early stage investment Fund focused on the intersection of learning technology and AI. Prior to co-founding EduLab Capital Partners, Liam was the Managing Director at LearnLaunch, an early stage education technology investment platform and co-working space. There he managed all LearnLaunch investment activity and drove domestic and international strategy for the organization. He has over 16 years of direct investing experience, holding investment professional positions at Spectrum Equity Investors, Hercules Capital and Patriot Capital. He also co-founded one of the first MOOC's for student use, Academic Earth, which was named as Time Magazine top websites of 2009 and was eventually sold to an ABRY Partners portfolio company.

EDchannels Speaker Marisa Rackson

Marisa Rackson

HubSpot for Startups

Marisa is the Business Development Manager for, HubSpot for Startups, responsible for building partnerships with incubators, accelerators, and other startup organizations to help grow and educate the startup world. She is passionate about working closely with partners to solve their most pressing sales/marketing challenges and elevate their go-to-market strategies. Before HubSpot, Marisa did strategy consulting at BCG for companies small and large to craft and implement organizational and operational strategies. Marisa studied Behavioral Economics and Management at The University of Pennsylvania and graduated magna cum laude.

EDchannels Speaker Glenn Robbins

Glenn Robbins

Tabernacle Township School District (NJ)

Glenn is the Superintendent the Tabernacle Township School District in New Jersey, working with the Board of Education and the administration, staff, students, parents, local government, service organizations, and community in all areas of executive, instructional, financial, facilities, and technology leadership of a visionary school district. Prior to becoming the Chief Educational Officer, Glenn was a Principal, Assistant Principal, and Social Studies teacher. He is the 2018 Co-Chair of NJASA Superintendent's Technology Committee, was named the 2016 NASSP National Digital Principal of the Year, and has presented and keynoted at state, national, and international conferences.

EDchannels Speaker Meredith Rosenberg

Meredith Rosenberg

Russell Reynolds Associates

Meredith Rosenberg leads the Digital Education and EdTech Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates, where she advises organizations on innovation and talent across the education sector, with a particular emphasis on high-impact, transformational leaders. She is also a member of the broader Technology Sector. Meredith works closely with clients across the education industry, including both larger public and smaller private equity-backed companies, content and software/technology providers, and nonprofit education providers. Prior to joining RRA, Meredith was a Senior Vice President at Fullbridge, Inc., a venture-backed company providing professional and business skills training via a competency-based, hybrid online/in-person platform.

EDchannels Speaker Lisa Schmucki

Lisa Schmucki


Lisa Schmucki is the founder and CEO of, an award-winning, professional social network that helps educators connect and collaborate to improve teaching and learning. edWeb helps education industry organizations host professional learning programs for educators that provide engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation. won three 2018 SIIA CODiE Awards including the top award for the Best Overall Education Solution. Lisa has 30 years experience in education marketing and product development. Lisa is a member of the board of the SIIA Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN). She is a graduate of Princeton University and has a Masters Degree from the Stern School of Business at NYU.

EDchannels Speaker Steve Shapiro

Steve Shapiro

Finetune Learning

Steve is a serial entrepreneur, three-time founder (in Education, International Travel and Workforce Development) and most recently the CEO of FineTune, a high growth, early-stage EdTech company providing a platform that enables qualitative assessment at scale. He enjoys leveraging many of the lessons learned from his various ventures to help current entrepreneurs streamline their efforts for a successful outcome. Steve is also an angel investor with LaunchPad Venture Group and Cornell Red Bear Angels.

EDchannels Speaker Dan Silverburg

Dan Silverburg

Propel K20

Dan Silverburg is the CEO of Propel K20, an EdTech consultancy that helps learning and workforce companies grow. Dan is formerly the General Manager for Burning Glass Technologies, a software analytics company focused on bridging the gap between learning and life sustaining careers. Before Burning Glass, Dan held numerous leadership positions with Macmillan, New Ventures, IBM, McGraw-Hill, and Thomson Learning, planning and executing worldwide go-to-market strategies in the education space.

EDchannels Speaker Mitch Weisburgh

Mitch Weisburgh

Academic Business Advisors, LLC

As a partner at Academic Business Advisors, Mitch works with educators, policy makers, thought leaders, and EdTech providers to get best educational practices into schools and used by students and teachers. Mitch has overseen development of systems, content, curriculum, and courses across the spectrum of K-12, postsecondary, corporate training, and job readiness and helped many organizations expand in both K-12 and Higher Education. Mitch co-authored the SIIA guide to the Postsecondary Market, is a national speaker at conferences on education technology, and was cochair of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Education Division.

EDchannels Speaker Glen Zollman

Glen Zollman


Glen Zollman grew up in Boise, Idaho and spent 12 years teaching middle and high school mathematics in Seattle and Boise. In 2008, he joined Think Through Math to run their statewide implementation projects to support over 2.5 million students in Idaho, Utah, Hawaii, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Glen has been with BrightBytes for the past two years working with service agencies and state departments of education in Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, and Kentucky to help them improve how they use data to drive meaningful change in K-20 education.

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